From refurbishment of your garage regardless of age to asbestos removal.

We believe Garage Repair Scotland are in Scotland the ONLY company that solely cover garage refurbishment and asbestos removal as their main line of business.

So whether it’s just a replacement roof that is needed or a full refurbishment, Garage Repair Scotland will take care of every aspect from the initial order to technical survey through to the day of installation.

With word of mouth and being a local Scottish company our managing director Stuart will often visit our clients either at survey stage or the installation day itself – this way allowing each member of staff to keep our client as happy as possible.

Below are a few questions often asked by our clients:

Q: When you remove the asbestos why replace with galvanised sheets?
We find our clients prefer these sheets as they are hassle and maintenance free, do not rust and are manufactured to size also felt backed to reduce any possibility of condensation.

Q: When I place my order how long does it take?
Once an order has been placed, installation dates are approximately 4-6 weeks later. Common installs of the Garage Roofs in particular normally take approximately a day and full refurbishments approximately 1 -2 full days. Garage Doors as long as they are delivered on time they are done on the day.

Q: What are the main dangers of asbestos?
Asbestos is proven to cause many asbestos related illnesses and cancers and if not dealt with and removed using strict health and safety guidelines, could prove fatal.

Q: After the installation if I have a problem what do I do?
For total piece of mind all products fitted come with a comprehensive guarantee ranging from 5 years for Garage doors, 10 years for all UPVC products and 25 years guarantee for the Garage Roof.

Q: Do I need to empty my garage?
No, our approved installers will move any items that are in their way. If however any asbestos sheeting is broken we will hoover out the garage to remove any traces of asbestos fibres.

Q: Would you replace just fascia boards or windows?
Generally not as we find the cost for doing so isn’t cost effective for our clients – in being honest with the time with travelling etc… it isn’t to us either 

We’re the UK’s only CSCS & CITB certified concrete garage manufacturer with fully qualified & insured staff.